Tuesday, 27 March 2012

0 Mechanised umbrellas for traffic cops this summer

The traffic cops in the city would soon get the cover of umbrella, a hands free umbrella to be precise, to protect them from blazing sun while they man the Bhopal city traffic. The traffic cops are exposed to the sun during the long working hours in summers in absence of a canopy at almost all the traffic junctions.

The government has already placed and order for 100 such umbrellas. White in colour, the specially designed umbrella for the traffic cops would weigh around a kilogram and will cost Rs 1500 per piece. They are expected to be delivered by the month end, sources informed

Such umbrellas are already being used successfully by traffic constables in Kolkata.

The umbrellas have been designed keeping a traffic cop's work at the busy traffic intersections in mind which require nonstop hand action. Instead of the cops holding the umbrella with its handle, it would be strapped on their waist with the help of a belt. The umbrella would go up from the back and will cover the top. Its operation would be mechanized.

The colour of the umbrella would be white instead of the traditional black colour.
California Umbrella

The deputy superintendent of police MS Chhari said "The idea is to save the cops from heat stroke in long summer working hours.

As a majority of intersections in city do not have any cover for the policeman, it gets tough for them to control the traffic standing out in open in soaring mercury. Even officials cannot press them much to work in such harsh conditions hence a decision of introducing well designed umbrellas has been taken this time", he added.

Officials said if they serve the purpose, the same would be provided to the traffic cops in other cities as well.

A traffic cop is directly exposed to dust, sun and smoke. More than 30% of them have being suffering with breathing and vision related problems. Health check-up camps are also organised on regular intervals.


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