Tuesday, 20 March 2012

0 What to Know about Industrial Spot Cooling Systems

Working indoors in the summer months is painful. Not only because you can't enjoy the wonderful weather outside, but because even with air conditioning, some offices can become hot and stuffy, creating a less than ideal working environment. Even with air conditioners, the air can become overly dry, causing cracked skin and lips. It also doesn't make for a nice feeling when you finally do get outside.
Industrial Spot Cooling Systems

An industrial spot cooling system will keep workers cool and refreshed, right at their desks -- at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioning unit. Workers will stay productive, despite the weather, which makes an industrial spot cooler an investment in results. And all with just a few high pressure pumps and a water line.

But what about industries that don't have the benefit of an office? Industrial spot coolers can help just about any industry. For repairmen working with boilers and furnaces, warehouse workers, firemen, and metal workers, the season doesn't matter. It is always blazing hot, and highly uncomfortable. The heat not only creates discomfort, but also makes for an unsafe work environment: heat stress is a major issue, and affects thousands of Americans.

Using an industrial spot cooler can reduce temperatures by 20 to 30 degrees, without drastically increasing the humidity level. This means that more time can be spent in traditionally hot environments, like in a furnace room, without discomforting heat. More work done means a boost to the bottom line that competitors won't have.

Office managers will be glad to know that even though industrial spot coolers use water to reduce the temperature, machines and people are safe from getting wet. When the pump moves water through the system's nozzles, it flash evaporates. Cooling fans spread the evaporated mist, which is what makes the air cooler.


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