Tuesday, 20 March 2012

1 Patio Misters: What to Know about Patio Misting

Summer is the time of sun, fireworks, and, of course, backyard parties. You've got everything set: the grill is clean and has a new propane tank, there are plenty of deck chairs, the pool is clean and filtered, and you have an umbrella or two to keep people shaded.

Patio Misters

The last thing you want at one of these parties is for it to be so hot outside that people go right from the pool (if the water isn't too warm) to the living room, where they can lounge in the air conditioning. Summer parties were meant to be held outdoors, so what can you do to ensure that yours ends up that way?

Patio misting systems can provide the answer you're looking for. Using a high pressure pump, these systems can reduce the outside temperature by about 30 degrees. That means a more comfortable and enjoyable environment for you and your guests. Even if the pool is a bit too warm, the party can still be held outdoors -- with no complaints about the weather.

Your guests will also marvel at the benefits of a patio misting system, beyond the crisp, cool temperature. It maintains an ideal moisture level, so you'll never hear complaints of it being too humid or too dry. They also reduce dust, pollen, and other debris that fills the air, so even guests with allergies will be able to enjoy the party.

Once turned on, the pump takes water from your house's water line and pumps it through a series of tubes. Those tubes are dotted with a number of nozzles that release the water in microscopic droplets. The smaller the droplets, the less they feel like water and the more they feel like cool air. The droplets decrease in size when the pump is of a higher pressure.

Even a less expensive,lower pressure patio water mister for your backyard can make your party comfortable. They can lower the temperature by 10 degrees, turning a nearly unbearable 95-degree day into a pleasant 85-degree one. They droplets will be a bit larger and will feel more like water when they hit the skin, but in hot weather, that can be refreshing.


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