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1 3 Tamil Movie Review

3 is a 2012 Tamil romantic psychological thriller film directed by Aishwarya R. Dhanush who made her directorial debut with the film. It stars her husband Dhanush, who co-produced the film, alongside Shruti Haasan.Soundtrack and background score was composed by debutante music director Anirudh Ravichander while the cinematography was handled by Velraj. The film released on 30 March 2012 in it's original Tamil version along with a dubbed version in Telugu to overall mixed to negative reviews. It is expected to be dubbed and released in Hindi in May 2012

3 tamil movie

The film begins with the funeral of Ram (Dhanush), where where his wife Janani (Shruti Haasan) and the rest of his family mourn. It is later shown that Ram did not die naturally, as his room is found with blood shots. Janani could not believe that Ram is Dead and she begins to feel that he still lives in their home. Thus she recollects their past and the flashback is shown where Ram and Janani are 12 th standard students.Ram is a rich go lucky boy, who enjoys his life with friends Kumaran(Sivakarthikeyan) and Senthil. Ram and Janani eventually fall in love, and they seem to have a great life. One Day Janani tells Ram that her Mom is asking her to leave to USA, as it was her mom's dream to get settled in the States.

 Ram is shocked by this and he agrees to let her go. But Janani still loves him and she burns the travel documents, thus preventing their entire family to go to USA. This angers Janani's parents a lot and they avoid her. So Janani asks Ram to marry her. With Ram's Father's (Prabhu) permission, they get married and live a happy life. Now cut to the present, Janani wonders why ram is dead and she begins to investigate. She first enquires about Senthil, who has been missing since the day before Ram was dead. But she returns home in vain. Janani then finds a letter in one of Ram's suit, which says that he is going to quit. Now Janani believes that Ram has committed suicide. She finds Senthil and enquires about Ram's death. Senthil, then reveals what really happened to Ram. On the day when Janani says Ram that she is leaving to USA, Ram gets really disappointed and he develops a serious depression. (Which is not revealed in real time). And it also turns out that Kumaran , Ram's close friend since childhood also left to Singapore, even without saying Ram a word. Thus Ram is very much depressed and he gradually develops bipolar disorder, a mental condition where the person begins to hallucinate and get depressed or angered to the extreme, which if not taken care properly, may even lead to suicide. Senthil one day finds out that Ram is suffering from (bipolar disorder) and feels that he should help Ram to overcome it.

 But Ram is worried that if Janani comes to know that he has such a disease, she may start to hate him, and hence does not allow to get admitted to the hospital and get treated. The condition develops to an extreme, where Ram gets depressed so much that, he attempts to kill Janani while she sleeps. But Senthil stops him and decides to stay with Ram so that he does not do anything harmful. But Ram's mind is now so much out of control, that he decides to put an end to all these. He beats up Senthil in his car, and writes a letter to Janani saying that it all has to end now. He decides to slit his throat with a fruit knife. After a long emotional struggle, he kills himself.

3 Songs
1)"Idhazhin Oram – The Innocence of Love"

2)"Kannazhaga – The Kiss of Love" 

3)"Come On Girls – The Celebration of Love" 

4)"Nee Paartha Vizhigal – The Touch of Love"

5)"A Life Full of Love – Theme Music" 

6)"Why This Kolaveri Di"

7)"The Rhythm of Love – Theme Music" 

8)"Po Nee Po – The Pain of Love"

9)"Theme of 3" 

10)"Po Nee Po Remix – The Scream of Love"  

Why This Kolaveri Di

A downtempo gaana song, "Why This Kolaveri Di" has been built around a South Indian folk rhythm. Its instrumentation consists of nadaswaram, shehnai, saxophone, urumee and thavil drums, acoustic guitar and keyboards mixed with electronic synths and scratches. The vocals utilize the singing style of Tamil folk culture. Lyrically, the song revolves around the film's main actor being dumped by his girlfriend; the song is sung by the character in a drunken state, with many of the lines nonsensical.


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