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0 Mirror Mirror Review

Mirror Mirror is a comedy fantasy movie based on ‘’Snow White’’ by the Brothers Grimm. It is directed by Tarsem Singh and stars Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane, and Sean Bean

Mirror Mirror Review

The film opens with Queen Clementianna (Julia Roberts) telling the story of Snow White. Snow White's mother died after giving birth to her. Her father, the King (Sean Bean), then raised Snow White so that she could rule the kingdom one day but after a while married again. One day, he left for the forest leaving Snow White his favorite dagger and never came back. The now 18-year-old Snow White (Lily Collins) is shown on the day of her birthday. The Queen does not care for her but Snow White is still loved by the staff. Snow White then goes outside to visit the town. Along the way, she meets Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) and his servant who have been robbed by bandits (the seven dwarfs). She and the Prince are then drawn to each other. She then goes to the town to see it cold and barren due to the Queen. She then decides to help the kingdom.

The Queen meets the Prince and tries to get him to marry her so she can solve her financial problems. She then hosts a ball in honor of the Prince. Snow White, who is dressed as a swan, meets the Prince, who is dressed as a rabbit. The Prince while dancing Snow White makes sure that he stays by her side which the Queen notices. When the Queen finds out the Prince's partner is Snow White, she orders her manservant, Brighton (Nathan Lane) to take Snow White into the forest and kill her and bring back proof. Brighton takes Snow White to the forest but is unable to kill her. Meanwhile, the Queen goes to her Magic Mirror, which is actually a portal to a house that contains the actual Mirror who is revealed to be a reflection of the Queen. The Queen then requests for a love potion so she can make the Prince fall for her. Back in the forest, Snow White wakes up to find herself to be surrounded by the 7 dwarfs (Grimm, Butcher, Wolf, Napoleon, Half Pint, Grub, Chuckles). They agree to her request to let her stay for one more night. The dwarfs then go out and rob Brighton, who was sent to collect taxes for the Queen. When Snow White finds out they stole the people's money, she goes to return it.

The townspeople are overjoyed to have their money back and Snow White lets the dwarfs take credit for it. After that, they teach Snow White how to become one of them. Meanwhile, Brighton has convinced the Queen that Snow White is dead. When the Prince finds out that the bandits have robbed Brighton, he goes after them only to discover that the bandits' leader is Snow White. When the Queen finds out about this, she asks the mirror to turn Brighton into a cockroach as punishment for lying to her. She also uses a potion to make the Prince fall in love with her with humorous results (she actually used a potion called Puppy Love which causes the Prince to act like a devoted puppy dog). Although the effects of the potion were wrong, the Prince still agrees to marry her. When Snow White finds out about the wedding, she is heartbroken. Elsewhere, the Mirror uses puppets to try and kill Snow White and the dwarfs. Although Snow White is able to cut the strings of the puppets, she decides to run away. The next morning, the dwarfs find her gone and discover a note she left them telling them she loves them all. They then go outside and find that Snow White is still there. The dwarfs are able to cheer her up and they decide to crash the wedding of the Queen and the Prince. When the Queen arrives, she finds the Prince gone and the guests in their underwear. They then inform the Queen that Snow White has captured the Prince.(Google)

The Prince (still under the spell) wishes to be with the Queen. The dwarfs and Snow White deduce he is under a spell. They try to break it through various yet humorous ways. They then finally come to the conclusion that to break the spell, they have to use true love's kiss. Napoleon then helps Snow White get ready to kiss him. When she does, the spell is broken. Later, the Queen finds Snow White and reveals that she can control the Beast (the one that plagues the forest). Snow White fights the Beast, with help from the dwarfs and the Prince. She later sees a necklace with a moon charm on it (similar to the one the Queen wears). She removes it from the Beast which causes the Queen to age (the price she has to pay for using magic which is her beauty). The Beast turns out to be Snow White's father who is reunited with her. He then conducts the marriage of Snow White and Prince Alcott. After which, she becomes the ruler of the kingdom. During the celebration, a hooded figure shows up and gives Snow White an apple. It is actually the Queen. Snow White then cuts a piece for her and remarks it's time to accept the fact that she lost. After that, the Magic Mirror says "It was Snow White's story after all" after which the Mirror and its home is destroyed. The film ends with Snow White singing "I Believe in Love" in Bollywood style.

Directed by     Tarsem Singh
Produced by    Ryan Kavanaugh
                       Bernie Goldmann
                       Brett Ratner
                       Kevin Misher
Screenplay by     Marc Klein
                          Jason Keller
Story by             Melissa Wallack
Based on          Snow White by
                                           Brothers Grimm
Starring            Julia Roberts
                        Lily Collins
                       Armie Hammer
                       Nathan Lane
                       Sean Bean
Music by        Alan Menken
Cinematography     Brendan Galvin


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