Monday, 16 April 2012

0 Salman Khan to gift Kareena Kapoor a BMW?

Salman Khan is very happy these days and the reason behind his happiness is none other than Kareena Kapoor. According to the reports, Salman is planning to gift Kareena a brand new car as Kareena Kapoor agreed to do an item number in his forthcoming film Dabangg 2.

salman khan gift to kareena

Insiders say that Salman Khan has been looking at several options. He could gift Kareena a BMW 7 series, which is one of the most expensive cars of that type. Salman associates are busy meeting with car dealers in a bid to finalise the car.

Earlier, when Arbaaz Khan approached Kareena Kapoor to do an item song in Dabangg 2, Bebo said that she would agree only if her demands get fulfilled. Kareena wanted her item number to be promoted as an important part of the film and not an ordinary item number. She also wanted the song to be part of a dream sequence.

Kareena also demanded a huge amount of money to do this item song. But now Kareena Kapoor has decided not to charge the Khans anything for her dance sequence.

We are wondering what made Kareena Kapoor change her mind!


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