Wednesday, 30 May 2012

0 Britney Spears On ‘The X Factor’: Preview the Pop Star As A Evaluator

Britney Spears no doubt has the star quality Simon Cowell was searching for when he went on the lookout for new judges for The X Factor‘s second season. But does the pop star have what it takes to be a judge? Many (including us) are dubious of Brit’s ability to give helpful, pointed and smart criticism to aspiring singers, as Spears hasn’t exactly been all that articulate or in-depth in her own interviews. Giving us a bit of a preview ahead of the show’s Season 2 premiere are four recently surfaced audio clips of the “Criminal” singer interacting with contestants and giving critiques of their performances. And since we abide by the rule “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged”, we’ve included our own personal critique of her judging ability. Check them out below!

Britney Spears On ‘The X Factor'

CLIP #1:

BRIT-TIQUE: “I felt like your songs were really great and your voices are magical. When you sing you have a nice soothing sound, and I wish you could wake me up in the morning,” she says. “Singing!” she adds after Simon’s teasing.
OUR CRITIQUE: Brit is entering Paula Abdul nonsense-judging territory with this one. “Really great” and “magical” don’t help anybody. They’re barely words that describe anything, really. And her stilted delivery makes it seem like she’s pulling her comments out of thin air. Secondly, we have to give Britney one giant demerit for speaking in some weird Paris Hilton-y baby voice. It’s fine hearing her sing this way — but we refuse to believe this isn’t her attempt at being cute and feminine and totally “on”. (In fact, what happened to that just-as-mysterious deep voice she had during her Femme Fatale promotional cycle?)

CLIP #2:

BRIT-TIQUE: Okay, there’s no real critique here, just Brit fumbling over a contestant’s name and asking about his choice of clothing. Small talk before the audition — which we kind of can’t wait to see. Jake sounds like an emo-geek about to prove he’s a heartthrob by performing an Enrique Iglesias song.
OUR CRITIQUE: We’re glad to hear her being friendly and welcoming with the contestants, as that can put them at ease and calm their nerves. Too bad she sounds like a cartoon beauty pageant contestant.

CLIP #3:

“It sounded like I was listening to Alvin and The Chipmunks,” says Brit. “I think your voice was too high, sweetie.”
OUR CRITIQUE: A criticism, for sure, but she delivers it too delicately. She doesn’t necessarily need to go for the jugular, but don’t come off like you have no authority, Brit.

CLIP #4:

After a contestant reportedly disses Demi Lovato‘s vocal ability, Brit comes to her co-judge’s defense. “I want to know who let you on stage,” quips Brit (losing her baby voice for a second). “I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me.”
OUR CRITIQUE: Confident, unafraid to appear less-than-chipper and standing up for her fellow judge? That’s the Brit we want to see on the show.


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