Thursday, 31 May 2012

0 Exposed! Obama used to smoke tub

Michelle Obama has opened up about her husband’s past drug use during an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show to promote her new cookbook.

The First Lady said Barack Obama gave up drugs at a young age because he realised he ‘could do more with his life’.

She made the revelation when the show’s host Jon Stewart asked her about recent claims of the President’s smoking habit during his high school and college years, the Daily Mail reported.

Teenage Obama used to smoke pot

It follows excerpts released from a forthcoming biography of the President by David Maraniss that portrayed him as a party-loving pot smoker.

The book, titled Barack Obama: The Story, reveals how a teenage Obama and his friends formed The Choom Gang – slang for smoking marijuana – in which he invented inhaling techniques and rode a car called the Choomwagon.

Though the President has disclosed his drug use in previous statements- including a portion of his memoir – the new details have surprised some because of the extent of his usage.

On the Daily Show, Stewart joked that the stories about the president as a young man resembled the ‘script of a Cheech and Chong movie.’

While Michelle didn’t directly address the claims in Maraniss’ book, she did say that her husband underwent a change during his college years.

“By the time he was in college, like so many young people, he realised that he could do more with his life,” she responded.

“He had a mother that was always saying you’re so gifted, you’re so talented, slap him on the head, ‘get yourself together.’”

“When he lost his father, that was one of those click-in moments. And he really buckled down, he transferred schools, went to Columbia, and thought about how to use his life to the fullest,” she said.


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